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Ministry Little David
Ministry Little David



1. Inspiration of the Scriptures: We believe that the Bible is the word of God, our only infallible rule of faith and conduct, because it was inspired by the Holy Spirit.


2. One True God: We believe that there is only one true God, who has revealed himself as the Creator of all things, and who exists eternally. In the essential unity of God there is a distinction of persons: the Father God, the Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. This mystery of one God who eternally subsists in three persons is called the Trinity.


3. Man, his Fall, Redemption and Hope: We believe that man was created by God in a state of innocence, but as a result of disobedience he acquired a sinful nature and was subject to eternal damnation. Your only source of redemption and hope of eternal life is in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary and his resurrection from the dead.


4. Salvation of Man: We believe that salvation is obtained when man repents of his sins and accepts by faith God's forgiveness offered through Jesus Christ. In addition, the Holy Spirit gives him internal assurance that he has been made a child of God. From this moment the saved man must live a new life, straight and holy.


5. Sanctification of the Believer: We believe that sanctification is a state of grace into which the believer enters by accepting Christ, and implies separating from worldliness and consecrating himself to God, trying to live in a state of moral purity through the daily help of the Spirit. Holy.


6. Baptism in the Holy Spirit: We believe that the baptism in the Holy Spirit is a spiritual experience different from salvation and subsequent to the new birth in Christ. The manifestation that it has been received is to speak in other tongues, not by man's own impulse, but under the direction of the Holy Spirit. It is given to enable the believer to fulfill the Great Commission.


7. Divine Healing: We believe in divine healing, and it is received by faith based on the atoning sacrifice of Christ.


8. The Church: We believe that the Church is the mystical body of Christ, which is made up of every born-again believer, whose name is written in the book of life and its purpose is to worship God, evangelize the world, and build to the faithful.. In a broad sense every believer is a minister, called to serve, testify, intercede and contribute, although a specific calling and service scripturally ordained by God have also been provided for ministers of the Word.


9. Financial Stewardship: We believe that financial stewardship is the duty and privilege of all Christians, who as faithful stewards of Christ contribute to the support and extension of the work with their offerings, first fruits and tithes.


10. Values: We believe that the church is called to present to the world values that restore and renew families.  We believe in:

• In the Value of the Family, male and female created according to God. Genesis 1:27, Ephesians 5:31
•In the Value of life. Which is a gift from God and only he can give it or take it away according to his perfect will.
•In the Value of discipline. To educate is to love. Correct your son, and he will give you rest, And he will give joy to your soul. Proverbs 19:17, 13:24, 22:6.


11. Rapture of the Church: We believe that the rapture of the Church will occur when Jesus Christ returns for his own, at this moment those who have died being saved will be resurrected first and transferred together with those believers who are alive, to be with the Lord for eternity. This event can occur at any time and it will be before the great tribulation.


12. The Second Coming of Christ and the Millennial Kingdom: We believe that the second coming of Christ in glory will be when the Lord returns with his saints to earth to establish his physical and visible reign for a thousand years. This millennial reign will bring universal peace and the fulfillment of the promises made to Israel in the Old Testament.


13. The Final Judgment of the Unbelievers: We believe that the final judgment will be for all the wicked who refused to accept Jesus Christ. They, along with Satan and the fallen angels, will be thrown into the lake of fire where they will remain for eternity.


14. New Heavens and New Earth: We believe that there will be new heavens and a new earth, where justice will dwell. All the saints will live there for eternity.


15. Baptism in Water: We believe in baptism in water by immersion, in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. It is a sacrament for the Church, a public testimony of the faith of the believer who has accepted Jesus as his Savior.


16. Lord's Supper: We believe that the Lord's Supper is also a sacrament for the Church, in which the members of the congregation who have already been baptized in water participate, as a symbol of our union with Christ, a reminder of his suffering and death and an announcement of his imminent return.


17. Disapproval of Erroneous Doctrines: Every heretical creed is disapproved, due to the confusion and division it causes in the Lord's people. Among these are all those who do not have Jesus Christ as the only Savior or the Bible as the only infallible rule of faith and conduct.

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